Augusta I

Live Edge Wood Coat Rack

Our Augusta live edge wood coat rack is made from a single piece of solid maple. The 4 coat hooks are made from reclaimed railroad spikes with natural rusting. The coat rack features a live edge, preserving the natural contour of the original tree. All wood used to make this shelf was salvaged from a tree located along Augusta Boulevard in  Chicago, IL.


Hooks: Four coat hooks made from 3/4 inch iron railroad spikes. The spikes are unfinished with a slight rust on the surface.


Finish: Maple wood with a tung oil finish. Tung oil penetrates the wood, then hardens to form a protective layer up to 5mm deep. It gives a matte finish but accentuates the natural grain and luster of the wood.


Dimensions:    Length - 49.5"    Width - 10" (Varies)   Thickness - 2.25"

Price    $200.00 + $40.00 Shipping & Handling

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